Vaziani Winery is situated in Kakheti, in the center of Telavi. Its convenient location is chasing the american dream essay an advantage both strategically and logistically, as well as, for touristic purposes.

During the reconstruction of the enterprise in 2012, new equipment was acquired. On the one hand, the winery is a contemporary, modern technological enterprise, while, at the same time, the century-old history of the cellar with its vessels, chasing the american dream essay creates an attractive blend of modern and traditional technology.

The main part of the symbol of the company is a peacock, which is linked to an interesting story. According to the legend, famous French writer Alexander Dumas, during his visit to Georgia, compared the process of opening of the peacock’s beautiful tail to the taste of Georgian wine: “It opens up slowly and gently, you feel dazzling and pleasurable sensation and you want the feeling to last.”

The Vaziani winemaking technology is based not only on traditional Kakhetian winemaking but alsoon the historical experience adapted to modern tendencies. It is hard to imagine Georgian traditional winemaking without a qvevri. The ancient method of brewing wine in the qvevri, which is about 8000 years old, is one of the country’s cultural treasures and its business card. The company has its own wine cellar, and its history starts from Makashvili estate of the second half of the XV century. Vaziani is the heir and a follower of the special technique of Makashvili qvevri winemaking method.

The product range includes more than 24 types of Georgian wine, and its qvevri line includes famous wines such as Saperavi, Kisi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Khikhvi, Cabernet etc. In addition, the company has its own labels: “Makashvili Wine Cellar”, “Tiflis Marani”, “Vaziani”, “Saojakho” and “Georgian Traditional”. Vaziani is a fast developing company. Recently, its wines have been the recipients of the most prestigious international awards.