Mission and strategy

Export is the main direction of Vaziani Winery. Our main goal is to establish stable partnershipson international markets and this process is directly proportionate to quality. We, as the producers of the product associated with the identity of the Georgian culture, actively follow the developments in the international wine market, develop new trends and try to set the strategic objectives that will contribute to the further development of the company and the country’s main brand. Accordingly, the opinion, assessment and even criticism by each customer,www.theessayclub.com my american dream essay conclusion is important for us.

The main task of the company is to strengthen and expand positions obtained on the premium segment. The philosophy of making wine for us is mainly based on endemic and rare breeds and popularization on international markets, which was successfully implemented by Vaziani in 2017. The rare variety of Georgian grapes and the wine named www.theessayclub.com my american dream essay conclusion Khikhvi –created by Makashvili Wine Cellar, gained international recognition and crossed our country’s borders, received a cup of Japan Wine Challenge 2017, as the best regional white wine, and became the Platinum owner at Decanter Asia 2017.

Our main purpose is to maintain and justify the trust that we have earned from our customers.